Nattevandring in Aalesund 2018

  Saturday 21th of April, I and others from the international English class participated in something called “nattevandring” in Aalesund. We went up the stairs to Fjellstua where it was arranged a concert with Jarle Bernhoft later that evening. Before we went up the stairs to Fjellstua, we went for a walk in the park first, […]

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Write a blog post where you add the image and describe what it shows, what you think is so great about it, and what message(s) it carries. This is an image from the Syrian civil war. The photo shows Mohammed Mohiedin Anis sitting on his bed with a pipe in his hand. His bed is […]

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My toughts on the film “Lion”

  In international English, we watched the film Lion directed by Garth Davis. The film is based on the book A Long Way Home written by Saroo Brierley and is based on a true story.  The film explores themes of identity, belonging and cultural heritage. The main point or climax of this movie was when […]

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The reluctant fundamentalist

  The reluctant fundamentalist is a novel written by Mohsin Hamid and was published in 2007. The story is about a Pakistani man called Changez and his relationship with America and his home country. The story is written in 1. person so we only get to read the story from the main character’s point of view. […]

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International Day

    The OD day focused on the environmental devastation caused by the oil industry in Niger Delta.  The water there is polluted and currently, one-third of the humans have inadequate access to clean water in Niger Delta. The oil spills also ruin the meadows, making it impossible to soil. The people in Niger Delta […]

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  Stream of consciousness: It was an interesting talk about the work in Syria, helping kids with traumas. Many kids had traumas from the war, the had seen a lot of  stuff nobody should see, especially kids. Many were hurt because of the bombing and mines. Kids without legs and grave injuries. Many were starving. […]

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Niger Delta

  The song “Niger Delta Blues” by BANTU concerns  the different challenges and situations Niger Delta stands upon. Which includes the environmental devastation caused by the oil industry.  The water is pollutes and currently, one third of the humans have inadequate access to clean, fresh water in Niger Delta. The oil spills also ruins the […]

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